Fantastic on Salads

  It is ideal to be used directly on salads, meat, fish and even on drinks. Say goodbye to the two most …

Cool Bottle Opener

We have included a handy bottle opener, perfect when you are preparing a refreshing Gin and Tonic!

Amazon Exclusive !

2 in 1 Professional LEMON SQUEEZER with BOTTLE OPENER. Order it NOW ! → ← Order it NOW ! We are so proud of …

Great on Fish!

Our Lemon Squeezer has been designed to give you the maximum SEED AND PULP-FREE juice from lemons, limes and any other citrus …

Great on Drinks

Our Lemon Squeezer is perfect for adding some lemon or lime directly on the glass.

The Perfect Present

Our Lemon Squeezer makes the perfect present for the gourmet chef and cocktail enthusiasts. Its quality and style is outstanding